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Dean/Bela fic

Title: There's always a first time
Author: promisetodepart
Character/Pairing: Dean/Bela, Sam
Rating: NC-17 (sexual content)
Word Count: 1,670
Spoilers: episode 303.
Summary: Dean has his own little run in with Bela after she takes off.
Disclaimer: Not mine, they are Eric Kripke's

Dean still couldn't believe Bela shot Sam. Though he had to admit she had damn good aim taking the shoulder shot dead on. Dean had to be sneaky in the whole thing and toss her the rabbit's foot, it was the only way he was getting her to let him destroy it. Though he had to admit 1.5 million was a lot of fucking money. No wonder she was so bitchy and underhanded. She was a thief and was damn good at it too not that he'd tell her that to her face or ever admit it out loud. He watched that look of disdain on her face as she watched the foot burn and hence the curse on it break. Oh he could tell she was unhappy. Those eyes of hers kind of caught Dean's attention and every time he looked at her he'd look right into them. It seemed to make her a bit uncomfortable maybe no one in her work ever met her gaze. He watched them narrow at him slightly when she caught the foot. So much played deep in those eyes, anger, a promise that she'd get him back for it. He oddly looked forward to it.

Sam saw the looks and glanced between the two and mentally rolled his eyes. Wouldn't it go to figure Dean would want to add the woman who just shot him to his long list of one night stands. Sam though he wouldn't get in the way of that not after everything Dean had done for him. With Jessica coming back, with him dying even if he wasn't entirely happy about the only having a year thing. And that demon stalker Ruby. He remembered the pure joy in Dean's face when he aimed the colt at her head and just fired. He watched Ruby fall and the brothers had glanced at each other without a word. Sam figured Dean was allowed a bit of fun here and there. As long as he didn't push his luck too much.

Dean realized that damn woman took his lottery tickets and he muttered then out of no where "Son of a bitch!" and he threw a mini tantrum. Oh that woman was in for it. Man she got under his skin and it both pissed him off and intrigued him. He dropped Sam off and sped off to go get something to eat. That's when he saw Bela's car parked in a hotel and he squealed to a stop and backed the Impala up. He sat and pulled in then noticing Bela was still in her car. No doubt gloating over her victory of stealing the tickets. He muttered under his breath. Oh this was perfect. He got out of the Impala and walked over to her car and knocked on the window. He smirked when she jumped startled and then glared at him as she got out.

"What the bloody hell are you doing here?"

"You have something that belongs to me. I figured I'd come take it back."

"Consider it payment Winchester."

"Payment for what? Destroying something you stole from my father's stuff? Don't work that way."

"I don't think dear old dad misses it."

That made Dean frown a bit and shake his head. That was a low shot and his green eyes narrowed on her and her brow perked.

"Did I hit a nerve Dean?"

"Leave my dad out of it Bela. Just because he's dead doesn't mean his stuff is free for the taking. It goes to his family."

"I just do my job just like you do."

"I don't go taking stuff from other people Bela."

"We work with what talents we were given."

Dean approached her then and perked a brow. He studied her a moment and chuckled.

"So all the talent you have is stealing? I don't believe that."

"Like I said you use what you know."

"I think there's a lot more to you then you let on Bela."

"Is that so Winchester? What gives you that idea?"

"I'm a good judge of people." He smirked at that then.

"Now Dean remember what happened the last time you said that?"

"I know. I remember. You are beautiful you know."

Dean was dangerously close to Bela and she could feel the heat from his body and she fought off a shiver then. He smirked pushing her up against her car and kissed her hard then. She at first tried pushing him away until instead of pushing her fingers clenched his shirt. Clenched and pulled him closer to her as she kissed him fiercely. She took his hand then and dragged him into the car. He perked a brow but followed as she laid back and she pulled him down onto her. Their clothes in a fury were removed. Dean kissed along the bare expanse of skin then as Bela squirmed under him whimpering gently.

Dean liked that sound and slid down kissing over her stomach nipping gently at the toned skin. She was in good shape he had to admit and he found he loved feeling her nails biting into his skin. He knew he was going back marked up all to hell but right now he didn't care. He scooted down and let his tong trace circles around her clit without really touching it. She writhed and whimpered out his name. That made him perk a brow, that was new. Then again not many knew his name or his real name befor hand. Bela was different he could already tell she had gotten to him unlike any other. He tried remembering if it was even like this with Cassie. Though those thoughts were soon squashed when Bela pulled at his hair and spoke out in a soft whimpering voice.

"Dean please. Just bloody fuck me already."

"Patience Bela, it is a virtue."

With that his tongue very slowly teased over her clit and made her jerk up slightly. She growled low as she tugged his hair hard pulling him up. He moved up her body quickly and before she could even speak his cock thrust into her pussy making her cry out. Legs wrapped around his waist just to make sure he didn't get any bright ideas about up and leaving without finishing. Dean had no intentions of doing that. Least not at this moment. He began thrusting into her hard and fast. This wasn't a romantic thing, this was simply two people just fucking in a car. She clawed into him actually breaking skin and causing him to bleed. He didn't care seemed to make him push on harder as he slammed down into her. He shuddered then as he felt her muscles tighten around his cock as if trying to draw him deeper and hold him there. She tensed and then screamed out as she came hard as he slammed faster into her through out her orgasm causing her to shudder and whimper.

"Dean please..."

He shivered at that pleading tone, that desperate need echoed in her voice as he clenched his jaw and thrust harder, faster, and deeper until he felt as if every muscle in his body was tensed as he came deep into her. He groaned out and closed his eyes as he emptied into her and collapsed a bit against her as both panted and gasped for air. Both trying to catch their
breath after wards. Dean rested for a few moment before getting dressed and kissing Bela hard before he left. Neither expected to see the other again. Though both were left with a want for more from the other. Dean went and got food then and went back to his own hotel and walked in looking around and called his brother to come get his food. Sam perked a brow seeing traces of blood on one of Dean's shoulders and frowned going over to investigate. Dean tried to shrug his shoulder away he didn't need his baby brother fawning over him for a few scratches.

"Dean what the hell happened?"

"Nothing Sammy just eat damn it."

"Dean. You are bleeding how am I supposed to not worry."

"Sammy it's nothing. Oh I got our lottery tickets back."

That made Sam raise a brow looking to the lottery tickets and then looked at the scratches again and groaned.

"Dean are you nuts?"

"Sammy it was just a bit of fun."

"Dean you never chase after a woman what is gotten into you? Have you forgotten you have less then a year?"

"No Sammy I haven't. So what I'm not allowed a little happiness?"

"Wait. Dean? You actually like Bela don't you."

"Sammy just eat. Now."

That was Dean's way of avoiding the subject and dropping it. Sam knew this and he was worried about his brother. Was it wrong to hope his brother didn't like Bela that much? Shouldn't he want Dean to be happy and if he found someone he should be with them. Sam was more worried about Bela, oddly too. Would she survive falling and losing? He had to wonder if Dean was up front and told her. Dean ate quietly and went and took a shower washing the blood away and thinking about Bela. Damn that woman had gotten to him, but he knew Sam was right. He couldn't get close, it wasn't fair. Neither expected the other to send them for a loop like they had. Though both Dean Winchester and Bela Tabot knew they should fight this to the end and not give in. They decided in their own minds that would be best.

Besides what were the chances of Dean Winchester ever meeting up with Bela Talbot again? Dean was finding himself hoping the chances were pretty favorable, and a half mile away laid Bela hoping the same thing. They settled down to sleep and turned off their lights. Neither went to sleep right away but the last thing on their mind as they drifted off was the other.

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