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From Nat

The Christmas Wish List Meme

Step One
* Make a post that contains 10 holiday wishes. Your wishes can be anything from simple, fandom-related things (an icon just for you), to medium (a DVD movie), to something really big (new car/computer/house/TV). But just remember; make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

* Just remember, if you wish for real life things, please make sure your address or your email is listed so you can get them!

Step Two
* Surf around to see who has posted their list.

* If you see a wish that you can grant, make them come true!

* Take a few hours and create an icon or write a story for them - even if you think you stink at it. Or, if you have something they’ve wished for and no longer want yours – perhaps a gift certificate – that would be wonderful too!

Fic/Graphic Wise wise:
- John/Mary fics
- Jess/Sam fics.
- Ellen/Bobby fics.
- Ruby dying fics.
- Dean/Bela fics.
- headers for livejournal

Materialistic things:
- paid journal time for this journal or huntersoldier
- Dean's amulet
- Dean's skull bracelet
- extra icons if had paid time lol

E-mail me at for address if needed.

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